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Contact Center Solutions: Right-Sizing

Right-sizing your contact center is different for everyone. First, decide on the culture and number of agents you’d like, then help your agents improve with regular training and feedback.


Cloud Contact Center: Improving Disaster Recovery

Cloud contact centers are your best defense in a disaster. They offer scalability, flexibility, and security on a pay-per-usage basis.


Contact Center Solutions: Process & Design Flow

Set your call center up to be successful by paying attention to its design and its operations. Functionality, aesthetics, technology, and process all matter.


Contact Center Solutions: Contact Center Makeovers

When customer satisfaction is on the decline and your contact center is over budget, you know that something has to change. Time for a call center makeover.


Smart Ways to Improve Every Relationship with Soft Skills Training

Soft skills are the building blocks of customer service. While some people may be born more empathetic than others, soft skills are something you can learn.


Top Considerations for Contact Center Outsourcing

Thinking about outsourcing your contact center? Look at the technology your vendor offers, the cost, how they train agents, and their hiring process.


Frequently Asked Questions for Soft Skills Training

When you think of what makes a great customer service agent, soft skills should be the first thing that comes to mind. Soft skills allow a person to connect effectively with other people.


4 Popular Techniques to Ensure a Successful Call Center

Successful call center management can take different forms. We can provide turnkey staffing, help with hiring, management training, or staff augmentation.


Call Center Outsourcing Services: Dedicated vs. Shared Agents

There are three basic types of call center representatives. Some agents are dedicated to your project exclusively while others are blended on shared.


4 Ways to Improve Contingent Workforce Performance in Your Call Center

Improve your contingent workforce performance by clarifying your processes, holding in-depth training, and applying agent blending. You can also outsource.

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