4 Popular Techniques to Ensure a Successful Call Center

Successful call center management involves more than overseeing the productivity of customer advocates and making sure that customers have their issues resolved – and that fact may be one of the best reasons for you to outsource your contact center activities to a vendor. The right company will partner with you to help you achieve your customer-centric goals, by putting the right attitudes on the phone. The right partner could abolish all of your human resources worries and facility issues while giving you the flexibility to meet changes in customer volume or demand.


Let’s look at some common call center management models and explore some of the ways that contact center vendors fulfill those needs and help you ensure successful call center management.


Turnkey Staff

Sometimes you need to hire staff, but you don’t have the time, desire, or resources to locate and train the right people. While anyone can put an ad in a newspaper or call a hiring agency, finding candidates to apply for customer advocate positions can be more challenging. For instance, you might find that there are few qualified candidates in your geographic area. In this case, a full-service contact center company, like GCS, can help you actively recruit staff.

Alternatively, you might decide that you want a full call center to be hired and trained without you having to interrupt your daily flow of business. GCS can do that for you too. We work with you to define roles and skills, then identify and hire the agents supervisors, and managers to build the team that will deliver the results you want.

In some cases, you might need your call center company to find, hire, and train specialized agents. That is also a service we provide. Whether you want native speakers of a foreign language or customer associates who are well-versed in providing technical support, we can help you find and train the right people for your team.

At GCS, we are equipped to handle all of your recruitment, training, and management needs. Whether you need one employee or one thousand, you can trust our team to deliver a truly turn-key staffing experience.


Recruiting and Hiring

If you would rather handle the training yourself, your call center partner will still recruit and staff your centers. At GCS, we offer a full range of recruitment activities to identify talent for every position. We understand the personalities and skill set that is best suited for the various call center roles. Our process has uncovered staff that has been producing results for clients around the world. Let us leverage our process and recruiting networks to help you find the right person or people for the job.

You can also rely on us to help with the hiring process. Even the best candidates on paper do not always stand up to the light. We have been hiring people for call center positions for years. We know what to look for in a new hire and which traits you should avoid if you want to skip a headache later. We also know what qualities will make for a good hire and how to pick employees that will be able to represent your company’s brand and identity best, while being able to work together productively.


The Complete Guide to Call Center Services

What you NEED to know about the different call center services available to you


Management Team Development

Having the right people in place with help you reach your customer satisfaction goals, but having the right management in place will help you go even further. Let your contact center outsourcing company help you develop your call center management team. GCS can cull experienced candidates from within our own talent pools, identify managers with proven track records who may be interested in moving to your company, or advertise for qualified applicants on your behalf. Once you select your team, we work with those individuals to teach them the best practices we have learned over the years. You will get the benefit of our years of experience in your call center management team. 

Whether the people you picked have direct call center experience or not, they will be prepared to represent your brand and reach your performance goals. Whether it’s agents, supervisors, center managers to supporting staff, we provide the right training to help them handle new levels of responsibility, adjust to your company culture, and lead your team to call center success.


Staff Augmentation

Even the most efficient and well-run call centers will need to augment their staff from time to time. Call volume may be predictable but sometimes the reasons for customers calling in extend beyond the call center itself. If your company launches a new product, starts to advertise a new service, opens a location in a new market, changes its website, moves to a new ordering system, or makes any other appreciable changes, it could trigger an influx of calls from your customers.

Luckily, when you use a contact center outsourcing vendor you don’t have to worry. Successful call center management is practically guaranteed because we can hire additional personnel for as long or as short of a time as your needs require. We have large teams of call center associates who can be leveraged when you need additional agents to handle increases in call volume. Staff augmentation can be contracted for any time length, to serve your needs – the choice is yours.



Successful call center management can take many different forms. Your call center outsourcing vendor can provide turnkey staffing, help with hiring, management training, or staff augmentation. Contact us today to discuss your staffing needs.

The Complete Guide to Call Center Services

What you NEED to know about the different call center services available to you


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