GCS Work From Home Teams

The Best of Both Worlds - Our Unique Hybrid Home and Contact Center Solution

Are you needing to grow your business? Looking to provide great customer service during peak season? Consider our unique Hybrid model – a blend of on-site contact center agents and WFH agents.

Unlike other WFH models, GCS offers its employees the chance to “come to the office”. This concept provides employees opportunities to train, coach, socialize and discuss promotional and career planning.

Why GCS?

  • Quick and ScalableFrom 25 to 500 Agents. We vet, train and assign agents to your programs as fast as your subject matter expertise can be shared. Our agents are Soft Skills Certified, so we know how to say it, we only need to know what to say.
  • Highly Skilled - Pick and Choose. Insurance agents? Health Care? Financial Experience? GCS has a universe of professional agents with subgroups of specialties. You tell us what and we’ll tell you how many.
  • Lower Cost – Save 10 to 15% with our hybrid model. Take advantage of our lower infrastructure cost at GCS.
  • Real-time Management – Lower cost does NOT mean less management. We utilize a sophisticated combo of management tools for individual, team, and company communications. Zoom is only the beginning.
  • Great Client Services – Although our client service team is virtual, we have a real-time view to ALL your program’s activity. Plus, our transparent approach allows you to join our strategic meetings, coaching sessions, calibration calls, and Dashboard reviews.
  • Contact GCS today – Your program is your baby and we want to nurture and grow it with you. We are ready to help. Call or complete our contact form here.

The Cloud Advantage

Home-based agents can work from anywhere while remaining connected to their GCS team through our Cloud Center. Much like our brick and mortar, hub and spoke approach, the GCS work from home platform links the various teams together for better performance and consistent management. Teams can range from several dozen to thousands of agents. Our remote agents are connected and engaged. Secure technology allows supervisors, managers and clients to easily interact with them. ​

The GCS work from home solution gives our clients access to a talented, professional and connected pool of the best agents – no mater where they live. All without sacrificing loss of performance, reliability, quality, and security when compared to our call center based teams. Such a dispersed workforce provides benefits such as:

A more talented workforce
Find the best talent at the most cost effective cost. Remote workers often have more experience, sustain a higher job satisfaction and show better retention.

A resilient business model
Disaster Prevention beats Disaster Avoidance. A dispersed workforce backed by resilient and flexible systems means little to no disruptions, no matter what the reason.

The flexibility to meet changing demands​
This ability to flex and change becomes an operational advantage. The GCS Cloud Center and operational approach makes it easy to match a high level of service to match customer demands. And at the lowest possible cost.

Today our WFH Teams are providing:

  • COVID Hotlines
  • Contact Tracing
  • Unemployment Claims
  • Reservations
  • Web Support
  • Customer Service
  • Order Entry
  • Insurance Claims
  • Help Desk
  • Seasonal Support
  • After Hours
  • Municipal Services
  • Financial Services
  • Data Entry
  • Tolling Back Office
  • Proxy Processing
  • Product Recalls