Be a Resource for Others

It can be scary and stressful starting any new position, especially if you’re also new to the contact center industry. And although we have excellent training programs to arm our folks with the tools they need to be successful with customer interactions, there’s still a learning curve.

To help our newest team members be the best they can be, here are a few ways our current employees can help bring them up to speed and feel comfortable in this new work environment:

    • Introduce yourself. During training, you meet some key people but definitely not everyone at the site. It’s important to establish connections right away so new associates feel like they are part of the team. If you see a new face when you’re walking in the door, introduce yourself. Talk to them at break and find out a little bit more about them. You’re great at doing this on the phone with customers; use those interpersonal skills with your co-workers, too!
    •  Be sure a new associate has what they need. If someone looks lost or confused, ask them if they need help. You’ll be a resource they can greatly use in these first couple of days. And if you can’t help them, be sure they know to talk to their supervisor if they have needs/concerns.


  • Offer up your own stories. If a new associate gets frustrated with their first few calls, offer up your own testimonials of interactions you’ve had over the phones and how you’ve navigated difficult situations. Not only does this help you build a relationship with the new associate, it provides comfort to them knowing they can and will be great at what they’re doing.
  • Share your best practices. If you’re a top performer, offer a new employee your advice for landing sales and making successful calls. Everyone has their own strategy for success. Help the employee see they, too, can be successful in their own unique way.
  • Be positive. If you’re having a rough day, don’t sour a new employee’s impression of GCS. Paint a positive perspective and bite your tongue.
  • Reassure them. Let a new employee know that you are available to help them, if they need it/want it. A new associate should know that Rome was not built in a day and it is not expected for them to be perfect after only a few tries. If they’re doing a great job, offer them praise. It will help feed positive behavior and also, help them progress in their skills.

The only way GCS can be successful is if we work together as a team. Let’s help out our newest team members any way we can.


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