Changing Language in Your Contact Center Can Make You More Professional and Accurate

How do you feel when someone says the word “telemarketing?” Most people cringe a little inside.

Why? Because it sounds negative.

In fact, the word “telemarketing” gives little insight into what we actually do at GCS. Our scope of work is much broader than that.

We perform customer interactions for several industries, manage business process outsourcing solutions for our clients, and receive inbound customer service calls.

“Telemarketing” is just one of many words we’re enthusiastically phasing out of our vocabulary. At GCS, we want our clients and anyone who hears about us to understand we are a professional company that takes the interactions with our clients’ customers seriously.

We’re replacing negative or dated phrases with more upbeat, professional terms that more accurately describe what we do. We recommend contact centers and businesses replace these 5 words with more professional alternatives.

Say Contact Center instead of Call Center

Call Center is irrelevant because we do so much more than phone calls. That’s why we use the term “contact center” to describe where our associates at GCS perform their work. We contact people using calls, texts, emails, chat, and even video.

Say Service Center instead of Call Floor

Call Floor has the activity emphasis on call and the not so glamorous floor. We use the phrase “service center” to describe the central activity we provide – service. Although, the rise of remote employees has changed the number and size of Service Centers. 

Say Call Guide instead of Script

Not everything our associates say to customers is written verbatim for them to read. We like to promote positive customer interactions that give our associates the opportunity to connect to their customers. 

The term “script” sounds as if our associates have little to no freedom to make an interaction their own – to personalize it. That’s why we use the term “call guide.” For some clients, the call guides are verbatim, but for others, they simply provide boundaries and key points to make the presentation more effective to the customer.

Say Response instead of Rebuttal

You rebut someone in a debate or an argument. We don’t do that at GCS. Instead, we respond to our customers when they have questions or concerns about an offer. This is why we say “response” instead of rebuttal.

Say Associate instead of Rep

Our employees mean a lot to us. Referring to them as “reps” gives very little value to their importance at GCS; that’s why we refer to our employees in the contact center as “associates.”


Language matters. The words you use as an organization have a real effect on your employees and customers. That’s why GCS encourages other contact centers and businesses to update their language to give a lift to the organization. 

GCS gives businesses peace of mind with outsourced contact solutions built for your needs. See how our different approach to customer care can grow your business. 



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