CRMXchange Webinar; Coaching with Style goes well!


Greg Alcorn, Coaching with Style Webinar during CRMXchange virtual conference.


Presenting at a conference takes a lot of work and planning. Not to mention the travel time.

Fortunately, last week, President and CEO Greg Alcorn got to do it all from the comfort of his office. CRMXchange hosted a virtual contact center conference this week.

Greg hosted a session titled “Coaching, Communicating and Collaborating Your Way to Success.”

People from all over the country listened to and participated in the event. Greg touched on many different topics relating to coaching in the contact center, including:

  • Traits of a world class listener
  • The three components of tone (rate, pitch and volume)
  • Say This, Not That for the contact center
  • Coach language versus fan language
  • Five methods of audio coaching
  • Classic versus creative communication
  • Cliches, cursing and the Three Stooges of Grammar
  • The advantages of using a mindmap

Greg explained how coaches “lead changes in specific behaviors.” Positive, improved behaviors are what increase results.

Throughout the presentation, Greg asked participants to chat answers to questions he had, including their pet peeve words and terms that described their favorite boss. At the end of the session, Greg fielded several questions by participants about his favorite coaching books, the definition of WII-FM (what’s in it for me) and other things.

Participants could then join a lounge where they engaged him in a further chat session. The marketing team also created a handout for all participants,  available on our GCS website.

It outlines Greg’s presentation and gives helpful tips and additional resources for finding information on coaching and communicating.

The CRMXchange is a frequented destination on the Internet for the exchange of information and ideas on sales, customer relationship management and contact center services issues.



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