Planes, Trains, Automobiles, a Misplaced Laptop and Team Support

I found myself challenged with the topic for the blog given everything I experienced last week. Even with the typical trials of traveling, from cancelled flights, locked keys in rental car and treacherous driving conditions,( not to mention my laptop taking a roundtrip vacation to NJ for the weekend,) I landed on what I feel was the most important theme of the week, Team Support = Sales Support.

As I reflected on the main purpose of the week, a client visit, it reinforced the real genesis of the visit. What a great opportunity to bring in departmental leaders to leverage their strengths and expertise in the selling process. This was displayed at its finest last week for during a major client visit to our contact center in Mount Hope, WV. There is a lot  involved in successful prospect and client visits. Preparation and planning with documentation, logistics, Executive Sponsorship, top-to- top meetings, messaging, site preparation, etc…

By leveraging such important resources we were able to demonstrate a level of commitment and focus to an opportunity I feel will separate us from our competitors. By involving the diverse group of leaders who have specialization in key areas, we were able to offer more robust and relevant solutions to their needs.

Very important to the success is for the client to clearly see and hear the continuity in our messaging and themes throughout the visit. We’ve internally preached continuity of message numerous times and heard of it’s importance from guest speakers, most recently from Coach Skip Hester, a college football coach. As he pointed out in his recruiting process, the value and importance of getting the prospects onsite to showcase our people and culture is invaluable! I am thankful our company values person to person involvement by letting so many participate to make such a high level visit a success. I look forward to sharing the next steps in our development of this relationship and great opportunity.


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