First Impressions

The newest member of our sales team, Jason Sterns, recently attended the 2012 American Bankers and Insurance Association Annual Convention with President and CEO Greg Alcorn. Jason was kind enough to tell us his first impressions of GCS while attending this event and meeting some of our valued past and present clients.

I had the pleasure of attending the ABIA annual conference this past week in Phoenix, Arizona. The ABIA is the only national conference dedicated to bank-insurance and included many of the current and past clients of GCS.

The conference was a great opportunity for me to learn more about GCS, its value proposition as well as an industry that has formed the majority of GCS business. I joined our CEO Greg Alcorn and had my first opportunity to work side by side and learn more about what makes GCS great.


I was fully impressed by the sheer number of clients that stopped by to say hello to Greg or to introduce themselves to me personally. I was even more impressed by what our clients, past and present, were saying about the quality and high performance of the programs it has run. I have always believed some of the strongest selling tools are client references and it sounds like GCS has a full quiver of them!

The conference itself was interesting as the industry undergoes transition. There was a lot of interest in compliance and the future of outreach marketing of insurance products to banking customers. Once again, I was impressed by the quality of compliance GCS is able to perform. There was even interesting insight into the upcoming elections and how that will affect the industry and economy heading into 2013.

Overall, it was a great start for me with GCS; I was able to make several strong new connections with the industry. On the flight home to Denver I worked on multiple email scripts positioning GCS’ value additions of adherence to compliance, flexibility, culture and performance as I continue to work hard in positioning GCS for additional industry and BPO channel diversification.


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