10 Reasons to Outsource with GCS

Afro-american businesswoman using headset in the office Afro-american businesswoman using headset in the office

There are many reasons why someone should look to GCS as their source for outsource. Here are 10 solid reasons:

We keep the customer #1.

We are committed to serving as a professional extension of our client’s company to their valued customers. We perform outstanding customer service with zero defects. GCS has less than a .0022% complaint rate.

We have first-class agents at your service.

We invest in ongoing training and development of communication and presentation skills for our agents to ensure they can create positive dialogue with our clients’ customers. We are capable of over 2,000 FTE per day.

We provide multi-channel integration.

We can engage customers through most channels, including voice, text, IVR, and chat. GCS meets customers in their preferred channel, during the time of their choosing. As an example, we’ve delivered over 46,000 hours of wireless calling that generated fee income for some of the US’ largest banks.


We know how to sell.

Due to our roots in entrepreneurial business practices, GCS is nimble at creating a unique strategy in a timely manner to drive sales for our clients. If “coffee is for closers,” we should buy Starbucks stock at GCS. On average, we engage 70,000 dialogues with customers on behalf of our clients – every day.

Our business provides on shore and off shore options, including bilingual associates.

We offer centers in 4 states across the continental US, in a 200 seat location in Eastwood, Philippines and have bilingual English/Hispanic associates. 70% percent of our workstations are domestic and 30% are off-shore.

blended-agentYou’ll benefit from a blended contact center model.

A blended center environment affords our clients such benefits as saving time, money and resources, more agent utilization (up to 30%), and better coverage for their programs.

High quality program implementation delivered on time.

We meet our commitments and work “backwards” to outline all dependencies, milestones, and major tasks to meet goals on time. We can bring a new client on-board in as little as two weeks. As we work through the program implementation phase, we demonstrate our expertise and show how we enhance the client’s investment in our team. Our goal is to create a relationship where there’s mutual trust, respect, and benefit.


Insurance niche.

Our team includes insurance agents, licensed in 50 states, in both L&H and P&C. We hold over 20,000 licenses and appointments. Our track record of enrolling more than 30,000 insurance policies per month generates over $90 million in annual premiums for our clients.

We follow the rules of compliance.

A recent independent audit of 3,000 interactions found zero infractions by the GCS team. We are 100% compliant!

GCS has big company capabilities, with small company access.

Partnering with GCS gives our clients big company capabilities, with small company access. Each day we have thousands of conversations with the customers of Fortune 25 clients who have never heard of GCS. But our clients trust us to protect the customer-client relationship. The one-on-one attention we provide to our clients helps make OUR relationship stronger.

Now that is real value.

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