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If you search the term “right-sourcing” in Google, you get nearly 46 million results. Margaret Rouse from helps define right-sourcing as “a way to get the best results by using specialists to complete parts of a larger project.” It reminds me of the Express. Our objective for this publication is to provide employees with useful and interesting content about our company, our people and our industry – along with a few fun things. Doing that requires content sourcing from many places.

The majority of our content is insourced. Original work is written by our talented editor, Laura Jollay, along with items from other GCS employees. In addition, we rely on the centers, both onshore and offshore, along with the company support groups, to keep us all informed about what is happening in our company. Even some crossword puzzles are created by Adam Haynes.
But Laura turns to outside sources for news and ideas about our industry and for helpful items like tips, recipes, and games. She gets these items from websites, articles and even live events. In these cases, the content has already been created and she adapts it for our benefit.

It has always been our objective to provide the Express through many channels and to as many people as possible.

To help with distribution, we have set up an email subscription service. Now you can have the Express delivered to your home or smartphone every day. We are in the process of collecting email addresses of those interested. Find out what’s going on, even if you aren’t at work. It also makes it easier for you to comment and contribute to our daily newsletter!

With everyone’s help, the Express is right-sourced.

If you have an idea for an Express story or topic, let us know. Email us at


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