Domestic Help or Work Abroad? Deciding where to Outsource Your Business Services

Is your business thinking about outsourcing your interaction center and BPO processes? If so, you’re facing a complex set of decisions that will affect customer care and communication. 


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Once a business decides to outsource, it must choose between off-shore, domestic, or a hybrid solution. Each option has pros and cons, but ultimately, your business needs to choose a unique option suited to your:

  • Industry – Competitiveness
  • Character – Culture
  • Customer Expectations

Other considerations, like political pressure and social opinions, can affect your outsourcing decisions, too. Work with an outsource provider like GCS for guidance, options, and expertise during this daunting but important process. Check out our guide to learn more about your outsourcing options. 


Off-shore BPO and interaction centers can offer significant strategic and financial advantages. By off-shoring, your company can achieve unprecedented efficiency, answering a higher volume of customer concerns. 

International contact centers abroad are typically available at a lower cost, largely due to the strength of the U.S. dollar and differences in the labor laws. 

In addition to financial viability, you can be assured your client center abroad will be staffed with dedicated, well-informed, and educated agents  who make customer satisfaction their top priority. 


The optimal location for your contact center doesn’t always depend on overhead cost. Even if a foreign contact center is high-quality and offers an unbeatable price, some sectors will benefit in the long run with domestic outsourcing. 

Many individuals and companies have had frustrating experiences with foreign contact centers because of language barriers or cultural misunderstandings. Some of your customers will prefer to communicate with a U.S. based agent due to the familiarity with language, culture, and accent. 

This preference differs from one industry to the next. While the tech sector successfully uses international call centers to manage their customer relations, other industries that rely more on cultural factors benefit more from domestic call centers.


Many businesses have found the most success by using a combination of off-shoring and domestic contact centers. 

This combination means a company can refer its customers to an international call center for non-voice work and after domestic business hoursa service that many clients will be grateful for when they need it most. An off-shore call center also allows companies to handle higher volumes during peak hours at a lower cost. Again, providing a higher level of service


There are benefits to moving your contact center off-shore, to a domestic center, or to a unique hybrid solution. GCS’s experienced team can help you fill in the gaps in your contact center service and work with you to create a BPO solution that’s best for your business. 

GCS helps businesses maximize customer satisfaction at a manageable price. Make success your top priority and get in touch with our experienced team now.

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