Tips for Good Communication in the Office


A Suggestion Box is a Great Way to Get Ideas from Employees


In another article, Roger Akers discusses the importance of communication at GCS. Sure, we communicate with our customers but communicating internally is vitally important to our success, as well. That is why we have our newsletters, our chat program for managers and floor meetings. It is the essential workplace skill.

Communication can always be improved. No one organization manages communication perfectly because people, processes and
technology are constantly changing.

What you can do is to be engaged and interact with those around you. Be aware of what is working to get important messages across and what isn’t.

  • Is there an employee feedback program in place? It can be as simple as a cardboard suggestion box on the call floor but employee feedback is important. If you’re a manager, take the time to set up some guidelines on how employees can offer their feedback about the workplace. We take feedback from our customers, why not from our employees?
  • Stay in touch. No matter the position you have at GCS, it’s important to always connect with those you work with. If you’re a manager, be sure you’re walking around and engaging with your team. Get to know your team and show them you are a presence. If you’re an associate, make sure you get to know your supervisor and any other member of management that might be around.
  • Form a committee. At some of our sites, our teams have different committees for different tasks. Just like health and wellness and activities, effective communication is important, as well. Get a few trusted associates together to form a committee that can seek out ways to improve communication within the site. What areas need improvement? Where are messages falling short? Figure out the roadblocks and you will be able to keep everyone better informed.
  • Start a forum. If you find your managers fielding a lot of questions, no matter how big or small, hold a forum. Allow them to have an open, honest discussion either about the communication in the workplace or any other processes that seem to have gone by the wayside. If everything is great, then seek out the reasons why so you can maintain the positive momentum.
  • Stay related. Employee relations are important to any company. The best, most effective way to maintain a positive employee relationship is by recognition. Never forget to praise and thank those folks who deserve it. Anyone can offer a sincere “great job” to someone else.

If you would like to gauge how communication is working in your office you can look into a communication audit.


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