X2 Mentoring

On Thursday, January 5th, the marketing team at GCS welcomed to the Salisbury office the X2 Mentoring group from the Youth Services Bureau in Rowan County.

The X2 Mentoring Group provides community-based mentoring for local at-risk youth between the ages of 7 and 17. The group plans monthly activities, in addition to the one-on-one mentoring, and their stop this month was at GCS.

George Simons, vice president of marketing and previous adult mentor with X2, opened the evening by introducing GCS and what we provide to our clients. He also discussed the importance of marketing in business and allowed the participants to try to guess popular logos in the marketplace today.  How many logos do you know? 

Laura Jollay, marketing and communications coordinator and Holly Czuba, web/graphic designer, also introduced themselves and their marketing backgrounds.

Then, the group was split up into two teams and each team had to design their own unique schoolone that other kids would love to attend. Each team had to come up with its own school name and slogan.  They also had to figure out how to market and advertise their school to peers.

Both teams presented their schools and offered really innovative and clever ideas for increasing school attendance, such as better workout facilities, a four-day school week, restaurant chains (in the cafeteria), and a performing arts-focused curriculum.

The energy was positive and the students seemed to really enjoy the activity and gain an understanding of how marketing can help a business grow through positive discussion and interaction.

We hope the X2 group enjoyed their time at GCS as much as we did. This is just another shining example of the team at GCS fulfilling its mission:

To enhance the quality of life, in the communities where we work and live, for this generation and the next.

Learn more about the X2 Mentoring Program in Salisbury.


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