Who’s Contacting You and How You Can Opt Out

Understanding the National Do Not Call Registry and Opting Out on Your Own Terms

In our industry, we talk an awful lot about the “Do Not Call” list and other regulations we must uphold. How assertive are you when it comes to managing your contacts and those marketers who try to reach out to you? Do you leave everything up to spam email boxes and voicemails or do you actively filter who reaches out to you and when?

As you know, at GCS, we contact established customers of our clients. Sometimes, we will get a customer who irrefutably states that they do not want to be called, ever.

Although they might not realize how being a customer of a company means they may receive some calls from time-to-time, we oblige and do what makes the customer happy.

But did you know there are other ways you can “opt out” of certain types of marketing?

    • First, know who you’re giving your information to. Whenever you shop online or if a sales clerk asks if you want to save 10%, when you fill out a form, be sure you know what they are going to do with your information. Most of the time, they’ll probably just add you to an email list- which has its perks because typically their emails offer deals and savings. But, if you start to get suspicious information or start to see companies with whom you didn’t provide information, find the “unsubscribe” option in the email and opt out.
    • Understand that certain programs are exempt from lists. Just because someone is registered on the DNC list, it doesn’t mean they won’t ever be contacted by someone again. If you sign up for such a list in the future, know the exceptions.
    • Be informed when entering that contest. Anytime you fill out an entry form for anything, your information more than likely goes into some kind of database. If you’re okay with being contacted in the future, go for it. If not, think twice.
    • Is your spam up-to-date? You have the ability to control the spam, or junk mail, that comes to your computer. Check the settings on your system and be sure it’s up-to-date. If you notice emails from an important address, be sure to change the settings to allow them to go straight to your inbox. More tips can be found here: long-island-websitedesign.com.
    • Unsubscribe from newsletters and notifications. If your inbox is getting crowded with newsletters you no longer read or social network notifications you don’t care about, unsubscribe from them and turn them off.


  • Manage calls. If you receive a lot of calls and are not sure where the number is from and they never leave a voicemail, Google it! If they call you back and you are not a customer nor have any affiliation or interest with the company, answer and tell them you do not wish to be called back. They may have gotten your number from somewhere you did not authorize. Avoiding the calls will not help.
  • Write it in. If your mailbox is inundated with direct mail pieces from companies you have no business affiliation with, you can write in to have your name taken off certain lists. Check out MSNBC’s Tips or visit OptOutPrescreen.com for a complete list.


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