Staying on Course with Strategic Meetings and Improving Successful Processes

Twice a year we formally block out two days to evaluate how closely our daily activities are aligned with our strategic objectives and then make any adjustments to stay on course. In many ways it is a matter of concluding we need more of the same, just better.


Last week we met again and laid out the specific goals and actions on what the number one initiative will be, for each department, over the coming months. In the short run, we want to continue to make improvements to performance allowing us to  grow our market share relative to our competitors. We also identified a host of new opportunities and areas of focus for Q3 and 4.

For Operations, our goal is to continue to increase our focus on tools and processes to further improve our

  • Coaching of Soft Selling Skills
  • Presentation Consistency
  • Self Coaching

We have long had a mandate to make sure we are delivering compelling presentations on each and every call.  Our goal is to be ”undefeated” competitively in the marketplace. Recent improvements in our coaching have increased our success relative to this goal and we are challenging each other to deliver even more with several refinements we are making.

We understand that when our process consistently yields presentations that please our clients’ customers, our clients are happy as well. By meeting our clients’ objectives in this way, we provide our Sales and Client Services teams with an ideal opening to ask our clients for more business that will allow us to grow business volume over the next 60 to 90 days. I am excited about the things we have done and looking forward to even better results from the improvements we will be implementing.


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