National Letter Writing Week – January 9 – January 16, 2011

Did you know that this week is NATIONAL LETTER WRITING WEEK?

Yeah, me neither.  But what a fantastic week.

In an age where everything is instant… text message, email, IM, etc;  we have all come to value anything handwritten that pops up in our ‘snail’-mailbox. I open items that appear hand written before I even finish pulling into my driveway!


That other stuff?  That might not get opened at all. It used to be that “instant” meant “important”. Now so much comes instantly there is no way to view it all as important. We use red exclamation points to try and get something read instantly.

A handwritten note has an extra appeal because someone took a moment to focus on a message to me – just me. The message may not be urgent, but it is important to me. And I like the way that feels.

Join me in spreading that feeling this week. Send someone special an important message.

And if you want to read how GCS implements the hand written note, visit our website.


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