Practice Makes Permanent

You’ve heard the old adage of “practice makes perfect”, maybe when you were playing a musical instrument or learning to write or participating in sports.

Fact is, practice makes permanent, not always perfect.

We strive to make perfect presentations.  Sometimes that involves breaking engrained speaking habits that are permanent, but not perfect.  For example, did you know that the word “insurance” is properly pronounced with the emphasis on the second syllable – “inSURance.  Many of us put the emphasis, improperly, on the first syllable “IN-surance” .


Did you know the word “data” is always plural?  “The data are correct, said the techie” I think it sounds funny, but it’s correct.  The data are in and most people would rather say “the data is in”.

We can’t be perfect in our speech patterns all the time, but we can continue to learn proper grammar and diction.

Great presentations take practice.  Once you get it right, it’s permanent.


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