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Turnkey Staff

When you need staff, but you don’t have the time or resources to recruit and manage them yourself, GCS delivers a complete turn-key staffing experience.

We can recruit, train and manage all of your customer contact staffing needs, whether they work in your center or in one of ours.

Recruiting and Hiring

GCS finds the right people for you. We provide a complete range of recruiting and hiring services, including employee screening. Our process has hired tens of thousands of workers and our seasoned staff uncovers additional insight on each candidate. We work with you to define the talent and skill set requirements for your positions. Then we go to work scouring our database or recruiting outside our company for the best match.

Once we have a candidate we use a proven process of assessment tools to validate their abilities for the role. Typically this includes a test for accuracy, communication skills, and comprehension. We conduct background tests as required. All candidates go through an extensive screening process.

Management Team Development

The best employees in the world are even more effective with the right management in place. GCS identifies and promotes experienced candidates for your contact center management team. From team supervisors to contact center director, we seek out qualified applicants and provide them with training to help them manage the agents representing your brand. We have an in-house Management Candidate Program we use to bring promising agents and supervisors to new levels of responsibility, leadership, and performance. We keep up with your staffing needs as your company grows.

Staff Augmentation

Let’s face it. Growth is never linear. You might need additional contact center or other staff for short periods of time, such as during a seasonal spike or while you roll out a new product line.

You could also need to hire staff as the project expands or you transition between systems. Don’t worry – GCS can offer staff augmentation as well. We can quickly assemble teams to step up and help you cover your next project. It’s what we do.

Call Center Staffing Management

When you use a contact center to better serve your customers, you are trusting a team of agents to represent your company and its values. Whether that center is housed in your home office or located on the other side of the world, you need people you can trust to treat your customers the way you would. GCS can give you that. Our agents are trained to deliver your message, your way, and our BPO service is designed to deliver quality results.

And when you choose GCS for your contact center, you open a world of options. Our service models offer a wide range of location and staffing arrangement choices so you can match the exact service level to the budget for your project. If you aren’t sure what sort of contact center configuration you would prefer, let’s talk. We will listen to your needs and then work with you to determine the best fit for your situation.

Location Options

GCS has the ability to offer different location options to deliver your program:

  • Hosting it in a US based GCS center (shared environment)
  • Staff and Manage an existing center on-premise at your location (dedicated)
  • Setting up an off-site facility that we help you design and plan (dedicated)
  • Dispersed agents working from home
  • Build-Operate-Transfer - we locate, equip, staff and train the center before turning it over to you.

Let’s talk and determine the best value model for your program.

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Note taking work from home agent

Staffing Arrangements

There are many types of staffing arrangements, but three basic ones. Sometimes it is a combination of more than one. There are often several options. We work with you to determine the best value for your need.

  1. Dedicated agents - Ideal for large projects and for the most secure contact center work. They are dedicated to your project and your project alone, giving them more specialized knowledge over time.
  2. Shared agents – those who work on more than one project, but are assigned to your team in blocks of time. Great for programs with seasonal or fluctuating demand.
  3. Blended agents - trained on several programs and move between programs as needed to meet demand. Ideal for simpler, low demand projects and organizations with multiple programs or many small internal centers.

“GCS has always been flexible to meet our needs and they strive to fully understand our business just as much as we do.”

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Insurance Company Client

Case Study

Staffing management issues can have a trickle-down effect plaguing the entire operation. Once agent morale goes down, attendance issues, long wait times, and low levels of customer satisfaction become the new normal, as one of our clients found before calling GCS.

The facility serves a city with more than 8 million residents. The previous contractor was doing well with fleet management, but the management did not understand call centers. The Agency needed a way to boost customer satisfaction while staying within its budget, so they contacted us.

By making changes with staffing management, that Agency went from having one of the worst call centers to being recognized for Best Customer Service in its class. Wait times improved, customer satisfaction rose, and the cost for all of it stayed, and remains, under the Agency’s budget.

Flexible, Effective Staffing Arrangements

The right people, at the right time, change everything. GCS can help your customer service and contact center efforts succeed by hiring people who fit your company, training them for success and managing them for performance. Plus, we offer multiple service levels and configurations so you can get the exact type of support you need to succeed.

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