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Did you know that in the 1940s the American Auto Industry did not make any cars for almost three years? During World War II the auto makers turned their assembly lines into wartime producers of military equipment. Over 40,000 tanks, 100,000 planes and dozens of ships were created in the name of freedom. The auto makers turned their talents from cars in January of 1942 to producing military equipment in April of that year. It was a transformation that changed the world.


On Wednesday, November 11, We Celebrate Veterans Day

The older I get, the more meaningful this day becomes. I hope you feel the same way. There are generations of Veterans in America today. You can only imagine the pride they have on Veterans Day. The parades, recognition’s, ceremonies, tributes and reflections on this holiday celebrate the unbelievable commitment that our armed forces have delivered. As an international company now, we can also recognize veterans from the Philippines, too. Allied forces in World War II are a great example of a multi-national approach to securing freedom around the world.

Are you sometimes uncomfortable when you meet a Veteran? A little uneasy or uncertain? Not in a bad way, but with a feeling of awe and humility. I am. How do you respond when you meet an unfamiliar Veteran or a man or woman in military uniform? I was coached to do one simple thing. Say “thank you”.   Thank you for risking the ultimate sacrifice for the rest of us. Thank you for providing our safety. Thank you for committing years of your life to help us live our lives the way we do.

Thank You!

We have employees, suppliers and clients that have military experience. We have friends and family and brave, committed members of our wider communities that are current or past members of the military. Going forward, I hope to make a point to say “thank you” as often as appropriate. We sometimes take our situation for granted until we get those reminders of the stark realities of war through the media. Many thanks to all of you that support our troops both domestic and worldwide. We can’t thank them enough.


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