Marketing to bank customers has gone from sky high to ground zero…

Our clients need a hug. That’s the feeling I got at the conference in Phoenix this week. The ABIA is the industry association for insurance carriers that market through banks. Over the last two years, marketing to bank customers has gone from sky high to ground zero with almost all marketing being suspended.


So, with this suspension in marketing, the conference networking was around two main subjects: a disdain for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and where we go from here. A couple of weeks ago we wrote about the CFPB and their interest in reducing fraud and deceptive marketing to bank customers. We continue to get requests from our clients to verify sales and document our procedures. To date, we can celebrate our A+, top grade response from our clients and their clients.

Back to the conference. Our booth was well attended and we received many accolades from our existing clients who attended and/or exhibited. We checked off 14 clients from the registration program that came to see us. Jason Sterns arrived from Colorado just in time to help “man the booth” and network with clients and prospects. He did great, as expected.

Our clients are not feeling great right now, but they are great business people. Great business people always figure a way to solve difficult problems. We’re depending on our clients to improve their situation. But in the meantime, we’re working hard to improve our situation, too. Oh, yes, we gave our clients a hug.


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