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You cannot do it all. In almost every client presentation we are asked to provide a service that is NOT our core competency. GCS provides outsourced teleservices for customer sales, service and support (CSSS). Oftentimes there are fringe services that bolt on to CSSS and it makes sense to subcontract those activities through us. In these cases, we take on the role of Trusted Advisor.

When GCS started in 2001, it got a kick start from Global eConnect (GeC). GeC is an international brokering and consulting company for outsourced teleservices and BPO. Since 1998, GeC has helped clients select and manage outsourcing relationships worldwide. In 2001, GeC convinced several clients to outsource programs to GCS, a then tiny start up operated by seasoned veterans and lots of insurance agents.

Over the years we’ve had clients with various degrees of management latitude. On one end, we have clients who only allow us to access their database by a private network, enter data and then close the network. We have no other responsibilities. That’s fine with us.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have clients who ask us to do everything. Obtain the database, cleanse the data, begin the marketing, handle multiple channels (chat, inbound sales, e-mail, text, postal), analyze results and report. In these cases, GCS may use other partners for functions we can’t or don’t want to do. In this case, our clients trust us to manage the extended services for compliance and performance.

We don’t want to be all things to all people. Clients and prospects of GCS know we specialize in CSSS. That comes in the form of voice and non-voice activities done at a workstation. That’s our core business, what we do better than anyone else and what we want to do a lot. You can’t do it all.


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