Is B2B for Me?

Depositphotos_4570256_lWe know customers.

The majority of the interactions we make are B2C (business-to-consumer). Although we’re comfortable and confident with that type of business, GCS has the skill set and knowledge to handle multiple verticals.

B2B (business-to-business) contact center environments differ from the traditional B2C side of customer interactions. Both focus on relationship management, but B2B often requires a higher degree of selling skill and knowledge to be successful. There are often multiple contacts within an organization and getting to the decision maker is more complex. It also requires a higher-level of professionalism and integrity.


B2B is a big target for GCS expansion for a lot of reasons. B2B represents a huge market. Contacts are done during the day. There are no existing business guidelines. Plus, clients want leads!

B2B telesales is rapidly expanding as face-to-face contact is declining. Almost 80% of sales people will do anything not to have to prospect for new business, so they are willing to pay for lead generation. According to the Direct Marketing Association, B2B companies spend upwards of $27.9 billion in telesales services. Top sales people command a high salary and companies want them on the phone with legitimate prospects, not spending hours cold calling. That is where we can come in.

B2B companies outsource their telesales efforts to:

  • Increase their profits
  • Determine qualified leads
  • Increase brand awareness

Businesses look to outsource these services because they need to get the most out of every conversation, gain valuable information, and generate effective marketing lists. In fact, the DMA states that $17.5 billion is spent generating sales leads, and this trend won’t decline, because the leads generated from a live associate is more qualified and legitimate.
An associate working on a B2B program assists the client by verifying information, collecting new data, like email addresses and interest levels. The focus is on call quality and significance rather than the number of calls per hour. GCS is prepared to take on the changes a B2B program introduces. We have the talent, the resources, and the interest, to help provide excellent support for B2B programs. Our quality assurance department can verify the leads we generate and ensure the highest quality, most cost-effective interactions possible.

While we will still be successful with B2C programs, we can grow faster by adding B2B interactions.


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