Outsourcing Tips for Everyone

When you think of outsourcing, you probably conjure up images of corporations, contact centers and business people. But the truth is, everyone outsources tasks, every day.

Have you ever hired a babysitter? Have you ever offered to bake a cake for someone? Did you mow someone’s yard or blow leaves in the fall? Believe it or not, but those are forms of outsourcing. You’re performing a task on behalf of someone else.

What are some other ways people can outsource work, either to help them out or to make extra money?

  • Turn a hobby into an income stream. Avid photographer? Aspiring cake decorator? Whatever the talent or interest, turn it into a hobby. There are people every single day looking for folks who are great and passionate about what they do and can offer a great deal. You can purchase affordable business cards and print materials through Vistaprint.com to advertise your work at half the price.
  • Take Fido for a walk. People enjoy taking care of their pets, but not always the hefty pet-sitting fees that come along with it. If you know someone who has dogs that need some extra attention, offer your assistance in walking or caring for them in their absence. This is especially great for the older population who may have a hard time getting out with their pets on a regular basis. This can be an ideal responsibility for an older, responsible teen looking for some extra pocket cash, as well. You can use websites like Craiglist.org to advertise your service (just know the difference between a legitimate customer and a scammer).
  • Become a personal shopper. Some people just have a knack for buying awesome gifts. If you know someone who has a flair for shopping, tap them the next time you’re in need of a great gift. Give them a budget and some ideas and let them work their magic. (Great idea for guys who loathe shopping malls).

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    And gifts have to be wrapped, right? Too busy to wrap all those holiday gifts? Find someone to wrap them all for you! It saves time and it helps them out, too. (I know someone who did this every year and he was incredibly grateful.)

  • Be a promoter. There are many businesses and venues that need promoters for various products and events. If you know someone who has a business or lives near a large venue, offer your assistance promoting their company. It’s usually a lot fun and a way to make quick, easy cash.
  • Get crafty. If you have a craft a lot of people love, try selling them. Advertise your work and you might get a request to make larger quantities for company gifts, church events or local festivals. Create an account on Etsy.com to advertise and sell your items!

Never underestimate what people need help with.

Just like in our industry, there are people out there who are experts at anything. Outsourcing stretches far-beyond the global business world.


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