Tips to Stay Safe in the Summer Heat


Water is better for hydration than sugary sweet tea.


Summer has officially started!

(I hear collective cheers in the background). With summer fun comes heat and humidity. And even though we spend much of our time inside, there are still special considerations for the workplace for safely enjoying the “hot” season.

    • Always stay hydrated. This is important for everyone but it’s especially necessary for folks in our industry. Your voice is your tool for making those successful one-on-one connections with customers. If your voice is dry, raspy or barely audible, that’s not good for your performance. Keep a water bottle handle and keep those vocal cords hydrated. Also, drinking water will help keep up your energy level throughout the day much better than a soda, coffee, or sweet tea.
    • Be mindful of what you wear. We all get hot, but that’s not an excuse to throw out our professionalism. You can still dress for comfort while maintaining a professional image. Wear light colored clothing with breathable fabric, like cotton. Avoid layers. Also, if you wear a tank top, make sure it covers your shoulders and does not have gaping holes on the sides. We want you to definitely be comfortable at GCS, just not uncomfortably exposed.


  • Even though our jobs don’t require us to perform much manual labor, our footwear is important, too. You should wear neat, comfortable shoes. Although flip flops are comfortable and most of the time, extremely affordable, they are not appropriate for the workplace. Try wearing nice sneakers or sandals for comfort and class during the summer.
  • Be a team player. This is the season for vacations. For the next couple of months, people are going to be in and out of your site. That means someone has to pick up the projects and performance in their absence. If a manager comes to you with a request because someone is out, be a team player and help them. Taking a break is important for everyone’s job performance but we can’t use summertime as an excuse to be lazy.
  • Get to work on time. Even if your manager/supervisor is out on vacation, even if there’s tons of road construction, you still need to get to work on time. Our clients expect quality service from us no matter what season it is and we have to make sure we always meet and exceed their expectations.

The most important tip of all is to look out for one another. If you see a co-worker feeling ill, tell someone. As a team, we need to make sure everyone has a pleasant work experience, summertime or not.


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