9 Tips to Get Better at Selling Anything

 Information from Openforum.com, originally posted on June 13, 2012


Every business runs on sales. While the quality of your product or service often speaks for itself, it’s also helpful honing your sales skills to boost the bottom line. Follow these 9 tips to improve your sales team’s results. 

  1. Treat every call like an experiment. Doing this can help you visualize the results and execute the call more successfully. Disregard the skills that don’t work and utilize the ones that do.
  2. Increase self-awareness. Know how your personality influences others. Remember that a prospect has never met you. Adapt your sales style any way you need to so you can make a positive connection with the customer.
  3. Introduce “change ups.” You don’t want your customers to tune you out. Always keep it interesting and mix it up by asking a question, changing your inflection, etc.
  4. Repeat, repeat, repeat. If the call guide allows, repeat the important components of the offer. The customers won’t remember everything you said on the first go.
  5. Update your sales approach. What worked ten years ago might not work today. Make sure you heed the advice of trainers and supervisors when they give you sales tips.
  6. Exceed expectations. If you do this, you will leave the customer with an unbelievable impression. As they always say, “It’s never too crowded on the extra mile.”
  7. Know how to be persuasive. You can know everything about your product, but if you can’t persuade the customer to purchase, then that knowledge is useless. Understand the basics of persuasive psychology to make the sale.
  8. Understand people’s fears. In training, you learn a lot about developing empathy. You need to be empathetic towards customers’ concerns. If they ask you a question, make sure you are capable of providing the correct answer. Ideally, your answer should address their questions while quelling their fears.
  9. Don’t be needy. Sure, you’d love to make a sale, but don’t come across as desperate to the customer. This is something they will be able to sense immediately. If they say “yes” to your offer, that’s wonderful and you know you did a great job. If they say “no” after everything you presented, then end the call pleasantly and move on.


Even sales scripts and training can’t prepare a sales team for every situation. The best salespeople invest in ongoing training and treat every call as an opportunity to learn. Use these 9 tips to continually improve your sales skills. 

But we know that self-development often isn’t enough to increase the bottom line. If it’s time to ramp up your organization’s efforts with a smart call center solution, get in touch with GCS. We’ll get to know your organization’s needs and craft a personalized call center strategy at no cost to you.

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