Classic vs. Creative Communication

I like classic things. There is something comfortable and predictable about a classic. You can settle back and enjoy the experience because you know what you are getting. No need for extra energy or focus, just observe and enjoy the experience. Classics are normal, functional and serve their purpose well. What better way to spend a rainy day than watching a classic movie, listening to a classic song or reading a favorite book – again.

The judgement to know when to remain classic and when to risk creative is a real advantage in determining a company or person’s success. I like creative things too. There is something thrilling about the unpredictable. That first time experience. You never forget your first (fill in the blank.) What will happen next? You are on your toes, eyes flitting, ears focused, all senses ready for the next input. The thrill of being awed or surprised. The suspense of not knowing how long it will last. Creative things are abnormal, unexpected and require a heightened sense of engagement. You can’t wait to share the experience with others and live it again in a smaller way.

Classic communication is functional, works well and serves us just fine most of the time. We speak, respond and share in predictable and accepted ways. It is the communication sinew that allows business to work -well. It is efficient and usually effective,although it has the drawback of being overlooked, ignored or minimized due to it’s frequency.

classic-v-creativeCreative communication is designed to set you apart. Make you memorable. It is not necessarily efficient, but it can be highly effective. Creative is risky. It may not work the way you hoped. It may not carry the intended message or have the impact. But when done well – voilà! It is memorable and can be successful many times over. Today with more channels, more messages and ways to communicate, creative can cut through where classic fears to tread.

To be successful you need to do both well. The judgement to know when to remain classic and when to risk creative is a real advantage in determining a company or person’s success. Use both. Classic to gain efficiency, demonstrate your professionalism or address details. Risk to be seen or heard, send something memorable to a prospect.

Daily we use email, chat and phone with clients. We have also been known to send Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots to prospects to make a point. Try new channels, new offers and ways to thank the customer that can set you apart and get you noticed.

In our business it used to be mostly audio. Voice conversations with customers. Now it might be chat, text or email. Video is not far off. To serve the needs of our clients we have to be both classic and creative in the ways we can interact with their customers. If you are looking to improve your memorable experiences in your customer communication, we should talk.



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