You Are Who You Are!

Our VP of Organizational Development, Bucky Cline, walked into my office a few minutes ago because we had to collaborate on a meeting I’ll be ‘tech-support’ for tomorrow afternoon.

I apologized while I fumbled with a mountain of papers on my desk, trying to move them out of the way so Bucky & I could both look at my computer screen.

For Bucky this brought to mind the thought of a long gone desire.  He claimed that he was going to ‘be more like a former co-worker and keep his desk clean’.  But a great epiphany came with the reading of The Boys of Summer by Roger Kahn.  Bucky said that Kahn had always wanted to be an almond farmer, but he ultimately learned that he was who he was and maybe that was NOT an almond farmer.

So, I’ve decided to let go of some of the guilt I feel for being a little chaotic with my office desk.


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