Enriching Your Life

Learning something new means more than just picking up a new skill or trade.  It actually enriches your life and in many ways, makes you a better person.

It doesn’t have to be a monumental laborious effort either.   It’s relatively easy to pick up something new every day.  Here are 10 ways to do it, brought to you by pickthebrain.com.

    •  Ask. Have you ever come across a kid who asked an endless stream of questions? They’re actually pretty smart because they let their curiosity drive their behavior. As adults, we oftentimes allow pride to yield us from seeking knowledge. Don’t be afraid to ask a question. That’s the easiest way to learn something.
    • Read. If you have any dead time throughout the day, you have time to read. Grab a newspaper, a magazine, a book, your smartphone something and get going. Read a lot and read often.
    • Search. Have you ever wondered where the cheapest gas in your area was or which brand of laundry detergent is the safest for sensitive skin? Research your everyday questions. If you don’t have time, write it down and research it later.


  • Slow down. Running from place to place allows for no examination of your surroundings. Take some time to relax throughout the day and you’ll start to notice things you never have before.
  • Listen. It’s important to your customers and it’s also important to you. You can gain so much knowledge by just listening these days. There are a multitude of webinars, podcasts, talk radio shows and speeches that can provide you with invaluable information. Tune in.
  • Look. Take a different angle to a question, problem or situation. If you stick to the same perspective for everything, you are doing  yourself an injustice. Taking the time to see it from another perspective allows for growth and insight.
  • Taste. If you’ve ever wondered what pomegranate tastes like, sample it! Do you want to know what all the fuss is about over coconut water? Well, give it a whirl! This is one of the most enjoyable ways to learn something new.
  • Touch. Hellen Keller lived an incredibly fulfilling life. Why? She was able to really touch and feel her surroundings. Be engaged with your environment and be sure to grasp the temperature and texture of what’s around you.
  • Smell. Sometimes, when we smell certain aromas, it brings back a flood of memories. Go exploring and tap into your sense of smell. You’ll create new, wonderful memories.
  • Write. I know most people absolutely hate to write but it can help unlock your inner knowledge. Jotting down dreams, revelations, experiences and questions helps you explore what it is you really want to learn.


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