Three Strategies for Increasing Results in the Call Center Channel

Increasing response rates are always a top focus of any channel used to reach customers. With so many channels available today, marketers often spend a lot of time trying to increase the channels of message delivery. While that is a smart path to pursue, also consider little things that can increase the response rate within each channel.

In the call center channel, we recommend three methods for increasing your chance to make the sale and increase the loyalty of the customer. 1. Call their mobile phone. 2. Leave a voice message on their answering service. 3. Send a personal note as part of the engagement process. All of these initiatives increase ROI, conversion and file penetration while humanizing the marketing experience.


Mobile Express – Our results with properly designed mobile call campaigns have been phenomenal. Our mobile programs demonstrate a real opportunity for affinity clients to delve deeper into their lead database and gain more wallet share from their existing client base. Our study showed mobile phone customers:

  • Answer their mobile phones more than landline phones.
  • Convert at a Higher Rate.
  • Increase Sales Rates.

In addition, there is minimal “Noise” from this group and you have the advantage of a growing database of leads.

Landlines are not going away any time soon and the programs that are successful today will continue. However, the trends are clear. Mobile phones are becoming a new marketing tool for many companies. Often those who adapt a new strategy first, win the most. Be one of the first among your industry peers to profit from this program.

Voice Messaging – Traditional outbound contacting will invariably reach voice-messaging devices. We encourage our clients to leave messages at key points in the process. These messages introduce the brand and offer, while providing a toll free number for a callback that fits the customer’s timeframe. The return call is routed back to the same GCS agents already familiar with your product.

There are various strategies to the timing and frequency of the message, as well as the decision to use a live or recorded message. We will share with you the success strategies that best meet your needs. Effective use of this strategy

  • Increases conversions by delivering more presentations
  • Improves the customer experience by letting them control the timing
  • Validates the reason for calling if they screen calls (interested consumers will pick-up)
  • Deepens customer loyalty by professionalizing the contact

The call back rate is dependent on the offer, but an extra sale here and there, for a contact you are already paying to make, will increase the success of your program.

PENpal – Personal appeal is a major force behind the rise of social marketing. The use of live agents conversing with customers is a well-proven method of engaging a customer to handle requests and sell products. Likewise, personal notations on direct mail pieces have long proven their worth in lifting response. Sticky notes on letters, blue pen in the margin and other devices have been used to attract attention and personalize an otherwise bulk mail piece. The GCS PENpal program combines the best of both approaches. Our PENpal program is a way to personalize your offer to:

  • Increase conversions by making mailings stand out
  • Lengthen stick rate by showing a more professional interaction
  • Deepen customer loyalty by personally thanking them for their business
  • Improve customer experience by recalling the conversation

With PENpal, when one of our contact center associates completes a conversation with your customer, they will reinforce the outcome of the call in some personalized way. It may be with a quick, professionally handwritten note, message in the margin, or highlight of key phrases on supporting collateral or mailing. It can even be an e-mail follow-up or other electronic posting. This personalization helps your customer reconnect with the conversation and links the personal experience to your product or brand. Everyone loves to receive a handwritten note and it guarantees a positive increase in the contact experience.

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