Complaints are an Opportunity

A rose by any other name is still a rose. A complaint, however, can feel like the end of the world. But is a complaint truly such a bad thing? In the world of business, complaints are actually opportunities.

Complaints come in many forms, including: 

  • Valid
  • Invalid
  • Minor
  • Major
  • Resolvable
  • Irresolvable
  • Excuses
  • Avoidances
  • Lies or exaggerations
  • Responses to untruths
  • Cries for help

Complaints happen when a relationship is at a crossroads. Depending on how you handle the complaint, it can either strengthen the relationship or discontinue the relationship. 

In our business, customer care and service programs sometimes include complaints. For example, sometimes customers call to cancel their membership because they don’t see the value. That’s a valid complaint that’s usually minor and potentially resolvable. 

Our job is to explain the benefits and let the customer decide if the value of the membership justifies the fee. No lies or exaggerationsjust facts, feelings, and civil discourse. Regardless of the customer’s final decision, every business should strive to make the conversation a good one. 

Most complaints are expressed in the form of a concern. Someone cares about you enough to point out a concern because they value the relationship and want it to last. 

For example, we received a client complaint about how our team reallocated resources for their program. It was a valid concern and we appreciated hearing their feelings. We had a face-to-face meeting to discuss the past, present, and future of their programs and the relationship is now at an all-time high.


As you can see, complaints aren’t always a bad thing. A rose is always a rose, but a complaint is often an opportunity. This is your chance to fix something, improve your business, and grow. As long as you take complaints to heart, your business will prosper. 

But if your team needs help monitoring outbound customer communication, get in touch with GCS. We help brands boost their bottom line with contact solutions designed for a great customer experience. 


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