Top Performer Tips from the Wheeling Contact Center

jessica-davisA great thing about the new year is you can look back and see what experiences provided new working knowledge that you can apply in the new year. For some top performers in Wheeling, WV, last year was filled with learning opportunities and personal success, which helped define the new goals for this year.

Supervisor Larry Waldrum is focusing on his time management this year.

“One of my resolutions for the New Year is to have more one-on-one time with my team to help them achieve their goals at GCS and become good customer management associates. Another resolution is to work on finding the time to do all my work (time management) and find the time to work with every associate on my team and play more fun games with them.”

The top performer on his team was Jessica Davis. What’s the reason for Jessica’s success?

“The reason I’ve done so well for the last year is mainly my attitude, also I fully support the client’s program because it is really beneficial for their homeowners.”

Supervisor Wendy Griffith also had two top performers on her team: Chelsea Roboski and Bryan Atwell. Both made room for improvement and were successful in 2011. Chelsea Roboski states:

“This past year I worked very hard on becoming more conversational with my customers. At first, this was a little difficult for me, but with a lot of hard work and the support of my supervisors, I have really improved. I have really focused on providing better responses to the customer, so I can share as many of the features and benefits of the program as possible. This allows the customer to have all the facts before they make a final decision on the offer. Being positive and assumptive throughout the entire call is crucial in keeping the customer engaged and receptive to purchasing the product. I will continue to strive to be one of the top sellers here in Wheeling for the year 2012!”

Bryan Atwell says being conversational is the way to go.

“I feel that my strategy was learning to be more conversational and using more benefits to catch the customer’s attention. I also try to pay close attention to what the customer is telling me so that I can respond/ to their questions quickly and accurately, as well as to let them know I am paying attention to what they are saying so they will feel confident they are being heard. There are still many things I want to improve which is what I am looking forward to in 2012.”

Wheeling has certainly paid attention to our focus on ways to improve our interactions with the customer. Thanks to everyone in Wheeling for sharing their insight and best of luck in 2012.


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