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Read the fine print! Disclaimers are a must in our industry.


Our business has changed recently. We are winning and growing more customer service and business process outsourcing (BPO) programs and refining our outbound programs to be more customer friendly. I wrote last week about a major retailer that contracted with us to take supply orders by phone and post those requests to their order entry system. This program is an example of the diversity GCS is achieving and our business model has adjusted to meet these needs.

For example, most of our new and existing clients are committed to providing a “great customer experience” and are focused on building a two-way dialogue and relationship with the customer with the result being the sale of a product. They want our interactions with their customers to be engaging, professional and valuable. So, when it comes to scripting the conversation it is equally as important to humanize the conversation as it is to comply to rules and regulations.


Some of the qualifiers and necessary disclaimers can sound very “mechanical” and not necessarily benefit the customer experience. While I completely understand the spirit of the law, often applying those in our daily environment, does not always work in the best interest of the customer.

12-5-2011-1-22-25-PM-300x201For example, have you ever listened to a customer contact that results in a rescheduled call? The customer says thanks, but can you call back in twenty minutes? And we say, sure and if you have any questions about this call, contact us at 1-800-xxx-xxxx. Does that seem logical? I have several other examples that over time will work themselves out of what should become normal conversations. Good cases make bad law and perfection gets in the way of great. We just want to be great.

We have clients today that have discontinued or retired programs due to compliance concerns for this channel, often with differing legal opinions within the same company. This is a “human to human” contact environment that when respected by both parties in the call results in a great customer experience. Outsourcing companies should work with their clients to create a “great customer experience”; where a script can become a conversation guide and customer contact can be engaging, professional and valuable, all while covering the critical statements, remaining compliant and respecting the use of disclaimers.


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