Principles for “Selling Yourself”

Lou Holtz in July 2007. Cropped version of Ima...Lou Holtz

Lou Holtz set 107 goals when he was young and has achieved 102 so far. He was an assistant coach at a small school when he wrote his goals and became head coach at Notre Dame, which was one of his goals. He also set goals to skydive and read the Bible cover to cover.

At GCS, we strive to lead a principle-driven life. We have principles in leadership, teamwork, learning, communication and almost every area of business and life.

I have a goal of establishing 100 major principles (*p) to success.

Here are some in the area of “Selling Yourself”:

  • When you meet someone for the first time, start with a firm handshake, solid eye contact and say their name.
  • Be a world class listener by first being a world class questioner. Interesting people are those that are interested in you.
  • Dress to the level you want to be promoted to.
  • Set your watch five minutes fast and live on that time.
  • People remember stories more than they remember facts and figures.
  • Learn and practice proper etiquette.

Every principle has an example and/or a story to illustrate its value. If you ever see a principle from me that you want to hear the story behind it, just e-mail me and I’ll respond.

Lou Holtz has taken most of his life to accomplish his 102 of 107 goals. I hope you can live your life learning and practicing more valuable principles every day. One of our principles at GCS is to provide something new every day that can help make your life better.


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