You never know who’s watching…

When I was a cheerleader in high school and college, my coaches would always say, without fail “You never know who’s watching.” Well, you never know how true this is until someone surprises you.

On July 11th, I spent the entire day with United Way. Since GCS contributes to the United Way campaign every year, I was asked to serve on the Allocations Committee in order to oversee the distribution of United Way funds to local agencies.

The committee is comprised of about 10 people from all walks of life: an IT director at a local community college, a salesman, a loan officer, etc. One gentleman sat down beside of me during our tour of the local YMCA. I remembered him saying he was the Chief Chaplain at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Salisbury. He asked me what company I worked for and I told him-Global Contact Services.

Immediately, his brow furrowed and his eyes narrowed.

“Is it located in West Virginia?” he asked.

Stunned, I said “Yes! We have a few sites in West Virginia.”

Now, around Salisbury, if you tell people you work for GCS, they just assume it’s the local Salisbury office, so, to hear a complete stranger tell me he had heard and seen a couple of our sites in West Virginia was amazing!

He then explained to me that he used to travel a lot with the VA through West Virginia and remembers seeing GCS during that time.

I was amazed at how small the world started to seem. GCS isn’t the biggest company out there but what we do have is quality: quality associates, quality sites and a quality mission. I hope that whoever passes by one of our sites or interacts with our company in whatever fashion, has a positive memory of their interaction. What’s the moral of the story? You never know who’s watching you at GCS; therefore, you always have to give them something great to remember.

And just so he won’t ever forget us, I left him with my GCS pen.


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