March 22 is National Goof Off Day, and we’ve got some suggestions on how to spend

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March 22 is National Goof Off Day and we’ve scoured the internet for ways to waste your time! Look no further we’ve got all the suggestions you need to procrastinate on National Goof Off Day.


xkcd (Comic)
The Oatmeal (Comic)
Sporcle (Games)
MakeUseOf (Tech Fun)
I Love Charts (Infographics & Charts)
Coudal Website RSS Feed
Boing Boing
Huffington Post Comedy
Paste Magazine Awesome of the Day
The Daily What
Funny or Die
Saturday Night Live
Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
Good Magazine Infographics
Smashing Magazine Desktop Wallpapers
Discovery Channel Online Games
Braingle, Brainteasers, Optical Illusions
LA Times Games
Intersting Reading at How Stuff Works
List of Common Misconceptions


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