Engaging Customers


According to Michael LeBoeuf, Ph.D., author of  How to Win Customers and Keep them for Life, 68% of customers are lost due to indifference. Indifferent customers are a result of pure neglect. He goes on to say the that the biggest secret in business is that success is not determined by dollars, facts or statistics; rather by the behaviors of CUSTOMERS and the employees that serve them. Customers are a company’s greatest asset without them there is no company. It’s that simple. It would stand to reason then that proactively staying in contact with your customers, providing them with valuable products and services and a positive overall experience with your organization would contribute to your overall success.

Reading this report by Dr LeBoeuf got me thinking about the impact that a cost effective dialog channel can have on a business’s long term success. While it’s not realistic for national corporations to touch each customer face to face, they can have a strategic, coordinated and effective ongoing dialog; keeping their customers engaged with their organization. In this new social media age  satisfying customers isn’t enough; satisfied customers leave every day. You must keep them interested in your organization and your products. Employ a dialog marketing strategy that welcomes new customers, thanks them for their business, stays in contact with them throughout the customer life cycle, identifies their needs and provide solutions, exceeds their expectations and gains their loyalty. In doing so, you’ll keep satisfied customers engaged and decrease their need to go elsewhere to feel valued.

Gary Tomlinson (Source)


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