The Power of a Brand.

GCS has been in the process of re-branding itself for quite some time now.  We’ve got the foundation in place and we are doing a terrific job of following through with our usage & attitudes. Over the last several months we’ve been traveling to many of the centers to inform all of our associates about our new brand.  Read more about that in this post!

In our presentation I always like to address the power that a brand actually holds over a company. Both good and bad, your brand (all the associated thoughts, feelings & images) are intrinsically tied to your company, your services, your products.  I often point to Toyota, as they’ve had so much media coverage recently about their recalls. Consumers no longer trust Toyota the way they used to….


I was prompted to expound on this effect after coming across Rich Tehrani’s article entitled : Dell, Toyota, BP : Sometimes a Reputation Can’t Be Repaired. It’s a quick but poignant read about the time and effort that is put into building trust with the public (that trust is part of the foundation of your brand!)… and what happens when that trust is broken. Rich suggests that you can’t repair the sort of damage that companies like Dell, Toyota & BP have done to their brand. I’m not entirely sure I agree, but all of these scenarios speak volumes to the power of a company’s brand, and in my future presentations I will be mentioning BP as an example of how a company’s entire image can be ruined by one small action or inaction.

Actions speak louder than words.


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