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Systematic Approach

One of the things that makes GCS unique is that we employ a systematic approach to all of our trainings. Each new agent is led through orientation, then client specific training before transitioning to the floor. With each introduction of new material, we guide them through a 5-step process: Delivery, Learning, Thinking, Practice, and Doing. This approach helps to reinforce the material agents learn and prepare them for situations that fall outside of their basic functions.

Measured Effectiveness

GCS doesn’t just put training guidelines into place – we measure how effective they are. To gauge program and individual effectiveness, we get feedback from our agents. How well prepared do they feel they are for the job? Are there any functions they would like reviewed? Next, we conduct training surveys of the class and speak with the trainers themselves. Finally, we look at agent performance to see how well our customer service representatives are doing in the field. If there is a shortcoming, we address it. Otherwise, we use the information we gather to continually refine our training methods to be as effective as possible with the smallest investment.

Ongoing Education

All GCS trainings are ongoing and continuous. We routinely provide additional classroom time for agents, so they can ask questions, clarify material, and learn about any updates. Managers meet with agents daily to provide coaching and answer questions. We also offer online training modules to help employees improve soft skills and refine existing skills. Ongoing education is the best way to keep employees productive and meet performance goals as efficiently as possible, that’s why we work so hard at it.

Specialty Certifications

When you need to train your employees to pass specialty certifications, remember GCS. Our training methods can be used to help your staff pass insurance requirements, maintain security standards, comply with healthcare regulations, and more. We can even help your team with tech support certifications because our training system works.

Call Center Training

The most successful programs start with education and training that does more than lecture. They include a mixture of formal education and one-on-one coaching that considers the individual's style of learning. They reinforce those teachings daily while monitoring performance to spot opportunities for improvement. Multi-faceted and tiered , these programs are calibrated to deliver the highest levels of performance possible. This is how GCS does training and it is what we can do for your company, and at GCS, we know how important it is to offer continuous, high-quality training. Simulating real-life experiences is important for illustrating concepts and helping employees understand HOW they can provide customer support in every circumstance. While some of it needs to be done in a classroom in order to be effective, some of it can be self-directed – helping save you time and money on each agent. That’s why we offer two types of training services for each of our customers.

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Note taking work from home agent

Online, Say THIS. Not that. Most of the time.™

Empathy and Soft Skills are the fundamental building blocks of excellent customer service. Providing a baseline of how to’s is a great way to set expectations for all agents in your center. Online training is a great way to deliver a consistent program for all your employees - new and not so new.

We developed our online program Say THIS. Not that. Most of the time.™, to let agents and contact center teams see and practice delivering quality customer service. The training combines video, worksheets, and assessments in an engaging format. It lets agents experience different customer contact scenarios – both positive encounters and difficult situations – and teaches them skills to use every day.


On-site training is also an important part of successful training programs or to kick off new initiatives or programs. Use our seasoned trainers to present Customer Service training in a fun and interactive way.

We use engaging “real-life” stories and multimedia resources to explain and illustrate concepts, plus your agents will have the chance to have a hands-on experience demonstrating what they have learned. The lessons are further ingrained with energetic discussions, Q&As, and activities. Let us help your team set achievable performance goals going forward.

Note taking work from home agent

“At our annual conference for government contact center professionals, GCS was hands down one of the best presenters. Although our group members are inundated with customer service presentations and training, GCS had a fresh, new spin that captivated and inspired our audience. Our only disappointment was when the presentation ended as it left us all hungry for more! If you are looking for some fun and insightful ways to take your customer service skills over the top, this is the program for you.”

Municipal 311 Manager

Case Study

Training can make a real difference in the number of meaningful interactions your company has with its customers.

One of our clients is a college with multiple campuses. In total, they serve over 100,000 students every year. They needed help with:

- recruiting and hiring agents
- agent training
- managing their workflow
- assessing their performance.

The College first contacted us to evaluate its operations, develop a new strategy, and create an implementation plan that would get them there. After reviewing our plan, they considered proposals from different agencies. It was an 18 week selection process, but they ultimately selected GCS.

We made improvements:

- increasing the number of customer contact channels
- adding self-service IVR
- reorganized the contact center
- retrained each employee.

Instead of being grouped by department, we created teams based on functional expertise. We trained them on how to deliver the type of quality customer support we are known for. Thanks to our efforts, the number of meaning interactions through that contact center increased by 30%. The number of applications to the College went up and so did the number of people who enrolled. Retention went up as well – all because we had the right agents, with the right training, in the right place.

Customized Training, Continuous Improvement

GCS can take you from agent selection through training, coaching, and agent development. We offer a complete array of employee training options to help your staff deliver the support you want your organization to be known for. GCS-trained agents adhere to your company’s message while complying with all the laws and regulations facing your industry.