Call Center Staffing Dedicated Agents

Dedicated to Excellence

When you choose GCS for your contact center needs, you can have the option of choosing “dedicated agents.” These customer service representatives would be devoted to your customers, your company, and all of its products and services. They will not answer calls for any other project. Most of the time, dedicated agents are employed in a secured facility. This fact can give you greater peace of mind when accepting customer payment information, processing credit cards, or taking sensitive customer data.


GCS dedicated agents can take calls from your customers and manage other incoming connections. We can provide full omnichannel support, from web chat to texting, email to direct mail – and with our dedicated agent service level, you can rest assured that your agents only work for you.

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We also offer outbound call services. Whether you want to follow up with your customers, check on satisfaction, or offer a special promotion, GCS can design a campaign with agents who work only on your project.

Does Your Company Need Dedicated Agents?

Not every company will need dedicated agents, but for the ones that do, GCS is proud to provide this service level and the extra security that comes with it. Dedicated agents are often the golden-standard when it comes to customer service. While shared and blended agents do a great job with specific tasks, dedicated agents get the chance to know your company and its products inside and out. By focusing only on your project, these agents can provide the highest level of customer support available.

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