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Consulting services that make a difference. We provide real world solutions for your real world contact center problems.

Right-Size Approach

Whether you need help with one-issue or an entire center, GCS doesn’t squeeze you into a solution that doesn’t fit. We believe in a right-size approach crafted to your call center objectives.

Designed for Performance

Our process-driven approach delivers results for your center. We can quickly identify changes that get your center back on track. From process flow to better human resource management, our solutions make a difference in your business.


Our process-driven approach delivers results for your center. We can quickly identify changes that get your center back on track. From process flow to better human resource management, our solutions make a difference in your business.

Process and Logistics

GCS offers unbiased expert advice on contact center process and logistics. We have helped thousands of clients reach their goals by helping them focus on the way things are done and why. Let us help your company fine-tune your operations and optimize your business. GCS can help you repair your entire contact center, or we can help you identify problem areas and fix them.

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Staffing and Management

From attitude to attrition, your employees are what make the difference in your customer service. Make sure you can find, keep, and nurture the best team. We offer staffing, training and management consulting that goes beyond the basics. We know that your company is unique. You want things to work better, without sacrificing your organization’s identity. We understand. There is no cookie cutter approach with GCS. We start by observing your process, talking to your people, and collecting information. Then we dig for root causes and make recommendations that are informed and practical.

Compliance and QA

A solid QA program and on-going coaching are two critical ways to drive improvement with your team. Work with GCS to set-up a solid system that shows daily improvement. Based on our F.E.E.D program we can show you how to deliver meaningful Feedback to Each Employee Every Day. Looking for more? We can provide independent quality assurance that examines agent performance, validates compliance, measures attitude and adherence to your brand concept. We are well-versed in state and federal laws as well as PCI-DSS compliance, SOC, PACE standards, and regulatory compliance.

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“Through the hard work and dedication of your team we were able to hit an aggressive goal of implementing 5 new processes in 3 weeks. Thank you to you and your teams for your dedication and commitment on all levels; it has been a pleasure working with you”

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Case Study

GCS consulting services can make a big difference for your company.

We can help your contact center run smoothly, no matter how big or small your operations.

One of our clients, a multi-campus college with annual enrollments over 100,000, was having problems reaching its annual goals. Performance and cost containment were major issues. Different departments within the College had different needs and requirements. They managed recruiting, collections, web support, campus communication and more. The College’s contact center knew it needed help to meet their various goals, but what?

The College decided to invite us in for 90 days. We were tasked with evaluating the contact center’s operations, identifying possible issues, and developing a plan of action. The contact center needed to provide the best customer care possible while maintaining performance standards and respecting departmental needs. The College wanted to use our consulting analysis to understand its limitations and possibilities as well as to request resources from College management.

At GCS Consulting, we use a two-prong approach. Internally, we had our subject matter experts observe and analyze the College’s contact center operations. They documented possible issues, identified relevant key performance metrics, and developed plans for harnessing opportunities to be more efficient. At the same time, we also reached out to the College’s peer network, conducting over 90 interviews of different colleges and universities across the country. The purpose here was to confirm best practices and uncover areas needing the most attention in order for the College contact center to truly be excellent.

At the end of 90 days, we delivered a detailed implementation plan that:

  • Reorganizing the contact center teams to better leverage expertise from individual workers.
  • Freeing up agents for value-added calls by shifting non-value activities to self-service.
  • Improving the use of existing technologies, such as ACD, IVR, call recording, and omnichannel support.
  • Setting up chat, social media, and texting for the College’s contact center.
  • Helping recruit a qualified new call center manager who had the experience to oversee such a large operation
  • Implementing tracking of the key call center statistics that the manager could use to manage the center’s performance.

GCS hands you the Keys to Success

GCS consulting works because it is experienced and informed. We have managed a wide range of contact center programs and call center campaigns, across industries, business sizes, and locations. That experience helps inform our consulting services in a way that offers a real return on investment.