What Are The Benefits of Soft Skills Certification for Call Center Agents?

Today, soft skills, time management and problem-solving, are critical. Now, soft skills certification can be a difference-maker for many organizations.

Soft Skills certification is like a graduate degree or license.  It last forever and is a great resume builder.  Certification is a great way to measure your degree of soft skills knowledge.  Plus, our certification program provides practice guides, words to avoid and a glossary that will last a lifetime.  Here are several areas for training and certification.

  • Word Selection. In order to improve communication skills, customer service representatives (CSRs) will learn the value of better word selection, techniques for having a better quality conversation. Such as, replace “no problem” with “you’re welcome”.
  • Diffuse Drama. The lessons learned are useful to develop not only customer relationships but also co-workers, employer-employee relations and personal relationships benefit. Use the world’s greatest question – “What would you like to see happen”?
  •  Develop solution skills. Soft skills certification proves that a CSRs has the tools to think through the solutions. Think positive, think solutions over problems.
  • Remain calm. Success CSRs remain calm. They recognize, restate the problem and reassure the customer a solution is on the way.
  • Tone Variety. Variety is the spice of tone. Changing voice rate, pitch, and volume can show the emotion needed for every situation.

Soft Skills Certification improves your organization’s bottom line by:

  • Consistency of message. If everybody has the same glossary of words, terms and responses, your message and brand are top notch.
  • First Call resolution. Certified agents know the best process to follow to satisfy the customer the first time, every time.  
  • Boosting Customer Satisfaction scores. Using the right words with the proper tone definitely increase those CSAT scores.
  • Reducing escalations. “Let me speak to your manager” is the dreaded request. Diffusing drama and remaining calm will control the conversation.
  •  Increasing accuracy, performance and productivity. With soft skills training and certification, CSRs spend quality time with your clients.
  • Improving employee retention – Beyond compensation, employee retention can be improved with more recognition and education. Certification starts a lifelong journey and makes the day go faster and more fulfilling.

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How can you get Soft Skills Certified???

With GCS,  by completing Say THIS, Not That…Most of the time™.  Our proprietary Soft Skills Certification consists of 3 modules that focus on:

  •         Mastering Word Selection
  •         Mastering Conversation
  •         Listening and Communication Skills

Enroll in our interactive online certification that combines audio, visual and hands-on activities. 

Say THIS, Not That…Most of the time™ is endorsed by the AGCCP, Association of Government Contact Professionals and qualifies for SHRM credits.

After the training, assessment and certification, you will see the results immediately in almost every interaction. 

Next Steps

Say THIS, Not That…Most of the time™ certification benefits everyone within your organization.  Everyone can benefit – new and existing agents, team leaders and managers.   

Sign up online here to get the 1st module for FREE.  You’re welcome!! 






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