Outsourcing Your Call Center? Consider The Performance Trifecta.

Each of our clients is unique, so it makes sense that we would have our own set of “uniquenesses.” We often hear our approach to People, Process and Technology is different from other BPOs.  


Our Selection and On-going Training Provide VALUE

Are you tired of not getting value out of your call center? Is your outsourcing partner not able to find the right call center agents to handle your customer’s needs? Are your customers receiving inconsistent information due to poor training?

Our unique approach starts with our upside-down org chart. Unlike most organizational charts, the most important person in our organization is the customer service representative talking to our client’s customer, then our team leaders, then managers, then executive leadership.  We can fully staff and manage an entirely new team of agents. Our Workforce Mindset adjusts staffing and scheduling to match your demand. We offer the right combination of dedicated, shared and blended agents that give you the best VALUE.

After working with you to define the skill set your agents need, we test candidates in an extensive screening process.  Each agent undergoes a Customer Service Assessment to guarantee fit and placement. Once hired, everyone in our centers must pass our proprietary Soft Skills Program, Say This Not That…Most of the TimeTM.  The program is proven to deliver soft skills mastery in Mastering Word Selection, Mastering Conversation, and Listening and Questioning Skills.  The interactive online setting combines audio, visual and hands-on activities. 

We don’t stop once your team is in place. We provide daily coaching with our F.E.E.D. program. Managers deliver same-day coaching to your staff and advise them on how they can make the most out of every customer interaction.  

Everyone at GCS has the opportunity for advancement through our Career Pathway Program. We have an in-house Management Candidate Program we use to bring promising agents and supervisors to new levels of responsibility, leadership, and performance. We keep up with your staffing needs as your company grows. Personal and professional development drive employee satisfaction and retention.


Our PROCESS delivers consistent results for SANITY sake

Is your outsourcing partner not delivering? Are your CSAT scores declining? Do you have low First Call Resolution (FCR)? 

After overseeing more than 75 contact center sites around the world and managing thousands of programs, we understand process. We breakdown multiple processes, streamline them into specific tasks that are managed to achieve the same results over and over again. We are masters at getting the results you need with every interaction. 

Our operating teams work to meet your SLAs every day. Our quality teams work to exceed your CSAT scores and improve first call resolution by validating all interactions for consistency and accuracy of your message.

Our leadership team practices continuous innovation. We are regularly improving and evolving our process to meet the need of our clients.  If we can save one agent 5 seconds on a call and multiply this by the number of FTEs taking calls, we have saved hundreds of hours in the long run and in turn significantly reduced costs.

At GCS we follow a “no surprises” principle. Your program manager will keep you informed of anything significant that affects your program. And if you want to peep-in, we have an online dashboard.



Our flexible approach to TECHNOLOGY

Are you struggling to integrate your systems? Are you overwhelmed with the IT costs of your outsourced contact center?

Use your technology or ours – it’s up to you. Our adaptable and flexible approach to technology means we can access your customer in any channel and connect agents with your customers and integrate seamlessly with your current systems. We do not charge for every piece of IT support.

We have experience with multi-channel integration, automated self-service & IVR, ACD, mobile apps & website support.  Our IT team is well versed in validating and testing before roll-out to avoid downtime that will impact your customer. Our priority is business continuity and security.

Our workforce management system, Workforce Mindset, makes scheduling every hour and day effectively. We equip managers and supervisors with a customizable dashboard that provides Key Performance Indicators including metrics like ASA, AHT, Abandon Rate, etc. Our agents are equipped with the most recent data to best serve your customer.

We comply with regulations and restrictions to meet your needs, including but not limited to PCI, HIPPA, PHI, FTC, and FCC.


Next Steps

We are PEOPLE, PROCESS and TECHNOLOGY focused. We study your current situation and spend time understanding your expectations. We identify areas of improvement that will impact your KPIs. We develop an approach that combines the right people, process, and technology at the right price for you.  We then manage to achieve results.  We help you reach your short- and long-term goals while guaranteeing your customer is satisfied EVERY time.

Are you ready to get VALUE and SANITY out of your contact center?  Let GCS show you how.



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