Clutch Reveals GCS as One of the Leading New York City B2B Companies for 2019

The reach of technology seemingly extends everywhere these days, and the customer service industry is no different. As communication evolves and adapts to new technologies, GCS Agents provides an unbeatable combination of timely customer contact, unparalleled customer support and technology that works. Our team’s commitment to ensuring that every client and business that we work with experiences optimal results has made us a force to be reckoned with in the business services world. We are pleased that our efforts have been confirmed by our recent inclusion in Clutch’s 2019 report on the top B2B firms in New York City. It is a credit to our people to be recognized as one of the best call center companies in the city.A D.C.-based B2B research and reviews agency, Clutch evaluates companies like GCS Agents based on their thought leadership, clientele, and industry experience. They use the data to compile a listing of the leading firms in each industry. They identify companies making a name for their capabilities and expertise. We are very proud that our team’s hard work and commitment has earned appreciation. 

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While it is great to receive recognition from third parties, the GCS team remains focused on continued growth through collaboration with new and existing clients. We will continue to provide stand-out live-agent customer services, while adopting the technology and tools that add to the customer relationship while lowering overall cost for the client. We specialize in building better customer connections to benefit our clients’ business goals. 

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