We’ll See You at the Government Procurement Conference!

I will have the pleasure of attending the 2012 DMA (Direct Marketer’s Association) convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 15th and 16th.  This is a huge event with over 10,000 marketers attending across all industries.   The event also has hundreds of exhibitors as well spanning from ad agencies to email marketing agencies and fulfillment services.

Attendees include: American Express, Nissan, Coca Cola, DirecTV, Spring, Staples and HP.

The conference is built around major tracks including customer acquisition and lead generation,  cross-channel strategies, connected customer strategies, retention and loyalty in addition to creative, brand, social and content marketing.

While attending a conference with 10,000 attendees is outstanding, the challenge is speaking with the right prospects.  I have been proactively reaching out to fellow attendees as well as current contacts I know who have marketing responsibilities prior to the event.    With this diligent effort, I have been successful in obtaining multiple meetings during the event and an invitation to an invite only networking event after the first day of the conference.

While there is a lot of buzz around social marketing, I still strongly believe that a contact center outsource provider can strengthen your marketing, customer engagement, and retention with supporting voice, email and chat channels.  Unfortunately contact services has a bad reputation as of late, but I still see it as an outstanding opportunity for an organization to proactively reach out to prospective customers, educate them on their offerings and learn more about their potential and current customers during the process.

I’d love to meet you, as well! Come find me at the 2012 DMA Convention and let me tell you about some of the ways GCS can be the solution to your customer interaction needs.

If you’d like to connect with Jason at the DMA Convention, send him an email to link up: jason.sterns@gcsagents.com.


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