Why you can’t just hire 50 more like Sara?

I often get calls from new, growing companies trying to figure out how to grow their agent pool. They typically have started with a handful of people on the phone and are seeing success, but trying to figure out how to go from 5 to 50 with the same success. Do they continue to hire fully commissioned agents, contract with a Pay-for-Performance center or find an hourly center to handle it all for them. The risk and the reward varies with each approach and the path to success for each option is different in many ways.

One of our strengths is in scaling an existing program to reach or service a large target audience in a short period of time. It allows a company to stay ahead of the competition before their idea can be copied in the marketplace or allow them flexibility during peak times or promotions. Our scalability success requires a defined process that will work with a large group of agents, regardless of scale. A room of several independent agents can each have their own unique approach and be very successful, but they do not have the scale to cover a large target market or handle a surge of volume.

Hiring a born-to-sell agent and putting them on the phone is a fairly quick process. Finding 25, 50 or 500 really good ones is a bit trickier and takes time.  Then you still need to track their results and have a way to measure them. If you are in a regulated environment, you also have to make sure they are all compliant. One error can cost thousands of dollars or even shut down a center.

To develop a broad approach to be used with a larger pool of average talented agents takes a bit more time. For the larger group you need to develop and test the process, call flow, training material, quality assurance and call-guides. Using the experience of a good contact center is a way to short-cut the process, but it still takes the time and experience of the contact center to pull it off. These types of centers should be fairly compensated for saving you time and frustration.

There are also good consultants who can help if you have reached this growth point in your business maturity. They can help you refine the many processes to the point where you can bring a larger center into your strategy with a higher degree of success and a lower set-up cost.

If you are trying to decide where to turn, give GCS a call. We will be happy to provide a complimentary consultation and suggest the next step, even if it is not with us. We have been around a long time and understand were we provide value to our clients and know who to suggest when there is a better fit. That approach saves both of us a lot of time and gets you to a solution quickly.


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