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About Call Centers

Having an effective call center is essential for any business, charity, or government organization. Unfortunately, many of these organizations are slow to embrace the changes of the last 20 years, and confront their customers with long hold times, confusing and frustrating automated scripts, and impersonal communications. Because your call center is the front line of communication with your customers, it is important y agents be as effective and personable as possible.


How Our Call Center Provides Excellent Customer Service

We start from the inside of your organization. Our onboarding process for a new client begins with an understanding of who you are and what your customers or clients need to maintain value in the relationship. Next we agree on the metrics needed to measure our success in meeting your goals, and then we outline the process that will get us there. Only after we understand where you want to go and how we will do it, do we put the right people and tools in place to ensure your organization’s objectives are successfully met.

Careful selection and management of the staff is necessary to maintain excellent morale and outstanding customer support. We strongly believe customers can “hear” a pleasant smile through the phone. It is a big reason we look to hire friendly people and focus on employee morale t in our service centers. Our agents are happy at work, and they share their joy with the customers they support.

We also believe smart, well-informed customer service personnel are essential to adequately serve the customer. Many of our operators are cross-trained in multiple functions, keeping your customers from the frustrating wait times and needless transfers. It also lowers your cost by providing flexibility in the workforce. Cross trained agents know how to turn support calls into selling opportunities and provide assistance to customers they may not have realized they needed.

We also know that results matter. The metrics we decided on during start-up are used every day to assess our performance and ensure you are getting the service you expected. We monitor multiple criteria to constantly adjust and improve our services to better fit your organization’s goals.

Maintaining a personal relationship with your customers is one of the best ways to strengthen and improve your reputation. Do not let your organization fall into obsolescence by repeating the mistakes of the past. Instead, improve your customer experience to break away from the competition. Since 2001 GCS has been helping clients improve their contact center and back office process with outsourced centers, direct management and staffing of client centers and consulting that fixes the issues holding you back. For a no obligation conversation, contact us today at 1-844-324-5427.


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