Make ‘em cry

Loud teenager with a book and a cinema projector 


Emotion Plays a Key Role in the Customer Experience

You know that moment in the movie where the unexpected emotional moment occurs and tears of joy flow in the audience.  The scene tugs at your heart string.  Why, because everything came together in the production.  Acting, directing, writing…. Everything reaches that climactic point through lots of coordination and coaching.  No, the director didn’t just tell the actors, “go out there and make ‘em cry. Same with customer satisfaction.  We coach to behaviors, not results.  The behavior of the actors result in the crying (or laughing or jump out your seat scare).  The Director coaches the behavior. In a call center, supervisors take on the Director role and Customer Service Reps are the actors.  Satisfaction is measured by CSAT scores and other quality metrics, which are the emotional responses.  So our coaches/supervisors seek to bring out the best behaviors in our CSRs.  They don’t just say, “Get five great CSAT scores today”, to a rep.  That’s just like a director yelling “make ‘em cry!!”. Instead, great supervisors spend time on communication skills.  Like, great listening techniques, such as, “acknowledge the customer’s request by repeating key words”.  They coach proper etiquette and staying professional with “please” and “thank you” and less “huh” and “yep”. Too often, call center supervisors manage to the numbers and reward based on outcomes (results).  By doing so, they simply direct the play after the applause.  Great call center management is focused on forward thinking actions and coaching for great conversations, accurate reading of customer needs and quick and clear critical thinking.  Then you get great results.  That’s the way to make ‘em cry (in a good way).


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