Suspects to Prospects to Clients

Here’s an update on our sales and marketing activities.  Over three months, we are attending five major conferences that have connections with call center services.  At these conferences we have a booth for attendees to drop by, we advertise in their programs and we even presented at one conference.

Here are the conferences:  Utility Call Center Conference, International Bridge, Tunnel and Toll Association, American Public Transportation Association (APTA), Society of Customer Service Professionals and Association of State Highway Officials.

Our focus is on government related call center needs – just like what we are doing for NYC Transit Authority and Community Colleges of Chicago.  Each of these conferences have or should provide us with names of private companies or public entities that outsource call center requirements.  Once we establish that they need our services, they become a “suspect”.

As we learn more about their needs and they become interested in talking to US, they become a prospect.  In our history of building long term relationships, the prospecting cycle takes a long time and includes lots of personal visits, proposal writing, negotiations and contracts.  Once we sign a contract, the prospect becomes a client.

From the five conferences mentioned, we estimate about fifty suspects will be identified.  From those fifty about 15 will become prospects.  Over the next two years, through lots of “cultivation” efforts, hopefully, five will become clients.  Those five clients will mean more jobs at GCS and more career opportunities.

So keep your fingers crossed and look for more updates on how we’re advancing suspects to clients in the near future.

BTW, a senior representative from the MTA visited our booth at the APTA conference and was VERY complimentary of your Paratransit call center service.


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