The Importance of the Past for On the Job Accuracy

480840625-300x203Every year, the Puerto Rican Day parade and celebration causes many streets and pathways leading to our GCS offices to close.  To avoid problems in today’s routine, it is important to look out for those past disturbances caused by an annual event.

Often in the first year of a contract, GCS has to rely on the results and schedules left by our predecessor. The challenges from working off someone else’s results are numerous.  Since we often have to rectify issues like high wait times and low staffing, the old data is not always helpful.  Often there are new employees, different schedules or simply the data was not completely accurate, on point or even recorded at all.

After assuming new business the data going forward is our own and often includes lower wait times, minimal queues and other customer service feats our team has proven they can accomplished. Our confidence in accurate schedules soars because we are relying on our own systems and procedures. The employees benefit from smoother schedules and the clients for lower costs.

A year’s worth of experience with dozens of special events lends itself to more confidence in a job well done.  And as far as the Puerto Rican celebration goes, nos podrá estar bailando en las calles a ese ritmo puertorriqueño.*

*We’ll be dancing in the streets to that Puerto Rican beat.


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