If We Go, We Show

Global Contact Services (GCS) is staying very aggressive in putting themselves top of mind and seeking new opportunities in the contact center solutions marketplace.

Externally, the GCS sales and marketing team is spending a considerable amount of time introducing GCS to purchasers of contact center outsourced services and advisory services, which has driven our internal mantra of “If we go, we show.”

Over the last couple of years we have joined a few Trade Associations leading the way in BPO and Customer Service Management.

We also hosted a booth at the recently held SOCAP conference in Charlotte, NC. SOCAP is an association of customer service professionals mainly in consumer products and consumer services roles. GCS joined IBTTA, an association that includes electronic highway, bridge and tunnel tolling services, like EZ-Pass.

Additionally, we held a booth at the Government Procurement Conference that showcased many of departments of the US government in search of suitable private sector partnerships. GCS met with back office transaction services and consulting project buyers from departments in Energy, Medicare, the postal service and Social Security.

Our website continues to receive updates enhancing our positioning and messaging, providing resources for public and private organizations to reference as part of their contact center purchasing and improvement process.  Please visit the blog on our website for our latest content.

If we go, we show.  Often, contractors like us attend conferences and walk the aisles passing out business cards.  Whenever we attend a trade show we take our banners, brochures, give aways and secure a sizeable booth space to ensure attendees remember us.  If we go, we show.


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